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Who benefits from our Wealth Management Solution? High-Net-Worth Individuals

Financial Planning, Investment Management,
Retirement Plans, Insurance and Estate Planning

We deliver investment management services focused on risk management for our clients. We know that managing your financial affairs is more time consuming and difficult in an ever changing and complex financial world.

You need a financial advisor that understands your individual needs so that they can provide you with sound advice and a plan that is going to get you to where you want to go. You are the financial engine that has created your wealth, and our role is to manage your wealth so that you, and perhaps future generations, may benefit from your hard work.

At Kremer Associates, we help you plan, manage and organize all of your investments. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. Our goal is to help you to protect, grow and enjoy your wealth with the power of our wealth management solutions.

Wealth Plan

Tools for Wealth Management: Wealth Plan

An extension to the services we provide is a helpful tool called Wealth Plan. It is a web-based wealth management solution offering you an aggregated, comprehensive view of your financial portfolio.

Wealth Plan’s integrated features and functions enable your Kremer Associates advisor to provide you with more comprehensive financial planning tools and concierge-level servicing capability.

In addition, this technology provides you with access to an electronic vault that allows you to store important documents like wills, trusts, tax returns and family photos. You will also have access to daily, consolidated account balances and asset allocation reports from all of your financial institutions, giving you confidence knowing the advice you receive is well coordinated.