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About Us

Our Firm

For over 20 years, Kremer Associates has accepted the responsibility of helping clients to pursue their financial goals. The experienced team at Kremer Associates will help you navigate through an ever-changing and increasingly-complex financial world. As an independent firm, we offer no proprietary products and remain objective in recommending financial strategies. Many firms provide investment management services, yet few successfully integrate them into a complete wealth management offering. We believe in exceptional client service, active portfolio management, lifetime income, and holistic planning. Our select client base has been built with one goal in mind: caring for our clients.

A Disciplined Approach

The trust you place in us to help you work towards your financial goals is something we take seriously. At Kremer Associates, we believe capital preservation is the key to effective investing. Through our Advance & Protect investment management process, we take a disciplined approach that seeks to capitalize on favorable markets yet protect capital during periods of volatility.

Commitment of Caring

Beyond offering financial services, we build long-lasting client relationships, treating them like family. Throughout the years, we have listened to stories about trips of a lifetime, attended weddings, celebrated retirements, and served as a true friend in the loss of a job or loved one. The combined experience and knowledge of our team is only the beginning. Personalizing the client experience adds value to the relationship, connecting us to each individual, and solidifying our promise of honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Are you ready for a firm that cares?

No strategy ensures a profit or protects against a loss. There is no guarantee that the investment objectives will be met.